Welcome to SEO Melbourne Ace! We are a business situated in the heart of Melbourne. We have been in the business of SEO and marketing for several years. In our years of operation, we have developed, discovered, and fine-tuned many different ways of optimizing and online marketing to help our clients rank the highest possible.


Welcome to SEO Melbourne Ace! We are a business situated in the heart of Melbourne. We have been in the business of SEO and marketing for several years. In our years of operation, we have developed, discovered, and fine-tuned many different ways of optimizing and online marketing to help our clients rank the highest possible. […]

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SEO Melbourne Ace offers a wide variety of services. We cover as many of the marketing and SEO functions that you may need to expand and improve your online presence. Our services are integrated and can be bought in different packages depending on what you need. We will advise you what the best plan of […]


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SEO Melbourne Ace is centered around making online businesses and other businesses more visible and easy to find. Without proper online marketing, it is difficult for any Melbourne business to grow. Everything happens online these days and we aim to help our clients stay on top of the constant developments. We educate and help with implementation. We develop the ideal strategies for each business and help them run and manage it successfully.

We have different services across the SEO and marketing field. We look at what our client wants and what they need and design the best possible strategy based on that. Our main services are:

  • An SEO company such as http://topspotseo.com.au can on a monthly basis increase your ranking. SEO website assistance where we help you to build your website right from the beginning. This helps you get the ranking you want on Google.
  • Online marketing which includes making use of social media and other platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media that you use can be improved to better serve your business goals. Managing Adwords on Google to assist in optimization is also part of what we do.
  • Website development so you have a great, already optimized website from the beginning. We build the website from scratch with all the necessary links embedded. It is easier to optimize a website that is already in a good place than it is to fix one that is not.
  • Marketing education to help our clients understand what they need and how it works. We also develop marketing strategies and help with implementation.

If you need any of these services or things related to it, contact us today for an assessment and quote.

3 SEO Tips To Help You With Your Campaign.

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO is a process where your content gets ‘free’ or simply referred as ‘organic’ traffic from the search engine. The content simply shows up in the search results from a search engine enquiry related to your niche. Getting traffic from search engine requires you to have an understanding of how search engine works and that’s why we have put together these 3 SEO tips to help you get started.

1. The Design Of Your Website.
Search engines don’t see the website in the same way as we do, that’s why understanding how the search engine sees your website, is crucial for your success. When you see a beautiful website , Google is more interested in content included in HTML format. Flash images and other non-text content are usually ignored by the search engine.
Does that mean you don’t have to use these images? NO. You can still use them. This is how:

(i) Providing an ‘alt’ or alternative text for the images.
Am sure you have seen in some cases where a website doesn’t load very well and instead of an image showing up, a text appears in its place. This is referred to as ‘alt’ text. Using this text will help Google index that text hence the image. If you are targeting a workout audience with your article and have an image of someone doing sit ups, you can include the phrase ‘sit ups’ as alternative for the photo.

(ii) In case of a video, include a transcript too. Google doesn’t listen to audio nor watch video. Instead it uses the content to know what the video is all about. Having a you tube video on your website without including a transcript may affect your rankings. A video should always be accompanied with text relating to that video.

2. Keyword Research: Keywords are very crucial to the ranking of your website. They are like a life blood of your content. Google uses these keywords to have a general idea what your content is all about. Most SEO tips usually talks about targeting long-tail keywords. What they forget to mention is, these keywords also need to be ‘buyers keywords’. This simply means targeting the audience who are looking to buy products, but are first seeking more information regarding that product. Keywords like ‘Best price for iPhone 6’ can attract more buyers traffic compared ‘iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6’. Even though the latter might also attract traffic, most of the visitors are not looking to buy. To keep your online business going, you need revenue flowing constantly. A good place to conduct keyword research would be at Google AdWords. This free tool from Google helps you pick the best keyword and also shows you how many searches that keyword receives in a month. It also shows you the ‘profitability’ of that keyword. If you type that keyword in Google and the first three or four search results are ads, that keyword is very lucrative. Using that keyword in your content effectively may end up boosting your traffic and increasing your revenue too.

How do you use the keywords?
Other than using the keyword in your content, you should use it in your title. It’s advised to use the keyword at the beginning of your title. e.g. If you are targeting pasta recipe audience, a title could like this; Pasta Recipe: How To Make Pasta In 5 Minutes. By including the keyword at the very beginning of the title, may include your content among the top 5 of the search results. The keyword should also be included in the first paragraph, in the content and finally in the last paragraph.

3. Backlinks:

These are the ‘funnels’ that drive traffic to your website. There are the ‘follow’ and ‘no follow’ backlinks. Using both can have positive results to your website. ‘Follow’ backlinks simply tells the search engine to follow that link while the ‘no follow’ backlinks tells the search engine to ignore the link. Having websites with high reputation include a backlink to your website can send strong signal to search engine about your website, whether the links are ‘follow’ or ‘no follow’. Building backlinks should be done manually rather than hiring cheap services from Fiverr. If done in a wrong way, it might end up hurting your website more than it can help. Having internal links helps Google to crawl your website and indexing all the pages in your website. This will increase the chances of your content ranking and increase exposure.


SEO is the easiest and the most sought after method of driving traffic. Learning the best SEO tips and using the best methods can have a massive positive effect to your business. Learn all you can about SEO and the results will be phenomenal.